As a postbacc student you will be fully integrated into NYU's community of undergraduates, attending courses alongside other students who are also committed to a prehealth education. You will be taught by leading members of the Faculty of Arts and Science, who are known for their accessibility and student-centered teaching.

You will have full access to NYU's staff of dedicated preprofessional advisors, and can receive tutoring assistance at the University Learning Center (ULC).  In addition to our professional staff, your fellow postbaccs are a great resource.  Our student postbacc community provides a supportive environment for learning and success by sharing resources, planning study groups and social outings.

Postbacc prehealth students need to be well rounded.  You should be prepared to achieve at least a 3.6 GPA in your prehealth coursework while simultaneously pursuing experiences outside the classroom to expand your knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry.  Our program is designed so that students are able to complete coursework and gain clinical experience without sacrificing one for the other. You will be able to take advantage of our location in New York City and the vast range of clinical and research opportunities that will provide you with the experience you need to explore the humanistic side of being a future health professional.   

By taking advantage of all our program has to offer, our postbacc students have been admitted to such prestigious medical schools as Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Pittsburgh, SUNY, Mount Sinai, and Albert Einstein.

We invite you to explore our program through this website and come to campus for an information session to find out more. Please contact us or send our staff an email at