Applying to Health Professional Schools

As you embark on your postbaccalaureate prehealth studies it is useful for you to keep in mind your final goal:  admittance into a medical or health professional school.
It's not too early to think about what it takes to make that goal a reality. Just as no two applicants are alike, no two medical schools are alike. It pays to study in advance the specific requirements for the schools to which you are interested in applying. In general, however, most medical and health professional schools look for mature, well-rounded applicants, who can demonstrate their interest in the healing arts and in engaging with patients as individuals, not customers. Schools also seek students from a variety of backgrounds, in terms of socio-economic status, interests, gender and ethnicity.

Our postbaccalaureate students have been admitted to such prestigious medical schools as Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Pittsburgh, SUNY, Mount Sinai, and Albert Einstein.

More information on the Application Process can be found on the

NYU Prehealth website: