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Jackie’s Path to Prehealth Studies: A Life-Changing Internship

Jackie was a psychology major at Amherst College whose dynamic undergraduate experience included everything from playing varsity soccer to helping build schools in Costa Rica and Ecuador. After interning at the American Cancer Society, Jackie came to the realization that she wanted to spend the rest of her life studying science and healthcare. During the summer after her graduation from Amherst College, Jackie went on to research chronic kidney disease and contributed to a publication which was presented at the National Kidney Foundation Meeting in San Diego. With the clear goal of continuing on to medical school, Jackie enrolled in the NYU Postbacc program and was ultimately accepted to the NYU Langone Medical Center through the highly competitive Postbacc Linkage program.

Why Jackie Chose NYU: Reputation, Location, and Linkage Opportunities

While searching for the right postbacc program, Jackie knew she wanted to go to a school with excellent academic standing, but she also wanted the opportunity to explore a new and exciting city. As an institution with a fantastic reputation that is located in the heart of vibrant New York City, she found that the postbacc program at NYU offered the best of both worlds. When she realized that NYU’s Postbacc Program offers a linkage program that allows the most competitive students to enter medical school in the fall immediately after completing the prehealth requirements, she knew she had found the right choice. “NYU offers a linkage program to several schools and I wanted the opportunity to skip the application year. It turned out perfectly for me—I began volunteering at NYU Langone and fell in love with the people and the spirit of the hospital.  So I applied and now I’m enrolling in August!”

Jackie’s Impression of the Program: A Diverse and Supportive Community

As a recent psychology graduate, Jackie was at first intimidated by the idea of taking many science courses. However, after becoming a part of the diverse and welcoming Postbacc community at NYU, she knew she was in a supportive environment where she could learn from others who shared her drive for success. “At the first NYU Postbacc luncheon, I met so many people like myself and so many people from other walks of life. From that moment, I knew I would have a great two years! I was comforted by my motivated peers from all different backgrounds (artists, actors, engineers, veterans, mothers), and I knew I would be in good hands while we studied together.”

Jackie’s  Recommendations to Prospective Students: Study Hard and Use Your Resources!

“Don’t worry about exams—spend your time studying for them instead! Having already been through college and graduating successfully, you have all the tools for success. Also use your resources: the ARC, your professors, and your peers. Professors are eager to meet Postbacc students and it’s always best to start this relationship early so they can write your recommendation later!”

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