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Bronwyn's path to prehealth studies: Finding a Tangible Way to Help Others

Bronwyn's career did not go straight from the art museum to the biology lab. After majoring in Art History at Columbia University and pursuing a career in finance, a trip home to the Bahamas changed her thinking. She began to realize that she liked the feeling of knowing her hard work could drastically help families and individuals suffering from various illnesses. After speaking with family and friends she realized that the process of going back to school could be intellectually engaging and enjoyable, and she discovered that a postbacc program would provide the right environment for her to prepare for medical school.

Why Bronwyn chose NYU: One Conversation Can Make A Difference

Bronwyn had three criteria in beginning her search for postbaccaluareate programs: strong academic reputation, a record of effective committee support letters and location. When Bronwyn considered an accelerated program before making her decision to come to NYU, the honesty and attention of the postbacc advisor helped her create an individualized program tailored to her needs. Bronwyn and her advisor decided on an academic plan towards accomplishing her goals and a timetable that would maximize her experience. She took the first meeting as a sign of the frank and supportive advising she could count on consistently throughout her NYU postbacc career.

Bronwyn's impression of the program: Resources at Your Disposal

In her first year at NYU, Bronwyn discovered that adapting her learning style would be an essential strategy to her success. She highly recommends taking advantage of the College Learning Center, study sessions, and professors' office hours. There are many resources available, so in order to be successful in the sciences it is important to utilize them to help identify your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses.  She also stressed that having the support of the senior members of the postbacc community helped tremendously. "I can genuinely say I enjoy their company and we'd probably be friends even if we weren't in the program together."

Recommendations to Prospective Students: Pace Yourself and Find Your Confidence

Have confidence in your own abilities, and don't compare yourself with others. When you are confident in your own preparation, you'll feel empowered to do well.

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